Success is the natural consequence of
consistently applying basic fundamentals and proven specialist practices

This includes solutions supported by dental implants, fixed and removable.

This includes all aspects of restorative and surgical therapy.

This includes restoration of severely worn dentition.


Dr Zaninovich is a Specialist Prosthodontist. His clinical time is restricted to all aspects of dental implantology and reconstructive dentistry. He is known in the field for his creativity, precision of dental work and outstanding clinical outcomes. He has a reputation of providing a high service for his dental implant patients, being accommodating and treating them with sincere care and understanding. Read more

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Our Philosophy

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” – William A Foster

We combine the art and science of dentistry. We are the leaders in the field of cosmetic and rehabilitation dentistry in Perth. We aim to exceed our patient’s expectations and have a real lasting positive impact on our patient’s quality of life.

Dental Implants Perth


pronounced [pros-thuh-don-tist]

Prosthodontics is a field of dentistry that encompasses the use of removable and fixed dental prosthetics, such as implants, to restore dental function and appearance. Having the highest possible qualification a professional can achieve in cosmetic dentistry, with an extra three years of specialist training in cosmetic dentistry and full mouth rehabilitation, Prosthodontists are considered an authority when it comes to dental implant procedures. Prosthodontics is one of 13 dental specialties recognised by the Dental Board of Australia and focuses on the rehabilitation of oral health, function, and aesthetics through the restoration of broken down or worn teeth and the replacement of missing teeth.

As a Specialist Prosthodontist and respected expert in his field of dental implants in Perth, Dr Michael Zaninovich mentors other implant dentists and dental specialists across Western Australia. As a Specialist in Prosthodontics, Dr Zaninovich’s clinical time is exclusively devoted to performing full mouth rehabilitations, delivering the best aesthetic and functional results for his patients. He is always involved in both the treatment planning and the surgical execution of his patients, to maximise the success of their procedure. His devotion to patient care, sees patients traveling from around Australia for his particular care in dental implants in Perth.

Many dentists refer their patients to Dr Zaninovich, for dental implants and other complex treatments affecting their oral health. Dr Zaninovich lectures and hosts regular Continuing Professional Development courses (CPD courses) for dentists and dental professionals looking to develop and enhance their own abilities in dental implants, under his tutelage. While general dentists can perform implant treatments, but they don’t have the same amount of in-depth training as a dental specialist. Prosthodontics is a post graduate qualification and requires an additional three years of full-time study, after which they can register as a specialist in the field with the Dental Board of Australia. Prosthodontists have specialty knowledge and skills that give them the expert ability to diagnose and treat a wider range of health issues, and Dr Zaninovich has a passion for building the confidence in other dental implant dentists so they can complete basic implantology themselves. 

Who will be completing my dental implant surgery?”, “what implant experience does my dentist have?” and “how long have they been practicing prosthodontic treatments, dental implants and dental rehabilitation?” should be the most important patient considerations when deciding to have oral surgical treatments, like dental implants. 

Dr Zaninovich regularly partners with referring dentists to jointly complete a patient’s dental implants. Allowing the patient to have both the comfort of their local family dentist, and confidence / peace of mind of having their dental implants completed by a specialist. The patient undergoes a collaborative treatment planning stage, then the surgical stage with a dental implants Perth expert and then returns back to their family dentist for the final crown stage and their ongoing post care, close to home. 

Dr Zaninovich accepts patient referrals for dental implants – and patients are welcome to enquire directly (no implant dentist perth referral required). Patients can book a consultation for dental implants cost perth or may require a treatment plan review for implants (a dental specialist’s second opinion, on another dentist’s treatment recommendation). Dentists and patients alike can contact our team for any assistance regarding dental implants in Perth.


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