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Our philosophy is simple, we strive for excellence. We aim to provide the highest quality dental care in a positive and safe environment and by doing so, make a lasting difference to our patients’ confidence and quality of life.

We know for patients, visiting a dentist is not always pleasant, and can even be anxiety-provoking. As soon as your patient arrives at our clinic, they’re cocooned in a feeling of plush comfort. The whole premises have been custom designed with noise cancelling acoustic features and soft furnishings to ensure that they remain relaxed, calm and the treatment journey remains private. 

Our amazing patient services team and experienced treatment coordinators are ready  to assist and will make your patient’s treatment experience first class. Our friendly, compassionate and highly skilled nursing team will guide and monitor your patient while in our care. Dr Michael Zaninovich and his hand picked team of providers, deliver superior patient care ensuring to minimise any discomfort for the patient during their treatment journey, while delivering the best results for your patient. We can also offer a range of sedation options to make their experience even more stress-free and comfortable, if requested. 

Far from clinical, our six-star dental clinical rooms feature the latest in comfortable dental chairs, calming music and ceiling mounted screens making it more like a luxury lounge than a surgery. Fully fitted with the newest state-of-the-art equipment, latest technology and the most up-to-date advances in dentistry to deliver first class patient care.

Post treatment for dental implants, the patients will relax in our recovery room fitted out with luxury recliners, comfy pillows & blankets, low lighting and aromatherapy to allow them to decompress after their dental care.


We’ve created a hub for dental implants, unlike any specialised dental clinic you've visited.


Dr Zaninovich has built an outstanding reputation as one of Western Australia’s leading providers for dental implants. He requires no referral, and assisted by his highly skilled team you can be assured that no matter what your condition your dental care is in the very best hands.

Our in house Dental Laboratory allows us to deliver hand crafted, custom designed dental products at the highest quality standard, very quickly, at an affordable cost to your patient.

The Dental Implants Perth Surgery, has access to a large, in-house laboratory with over 15 highly trained technicians and a Master Cerematist producing some of the highest quality of prosthesis in Australia. Patients benefit from the in house  laboratory, as they require fewer appointments, have faster treatment times and a enjoy superior level of collabrative service.

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